Frequently Asked Questions

The party castle can be set up virtually anywhere – in a hall, on concrete (with blocks $40 for 4) or the easiest is on the grass where we peg in the castle!

You have the option of adding a rain cover to your order for $50, or if you prefer we can cancel and rebook your party castle.
A few extra steps, such as having the castle installed against a garage, pergola, under the eaves of your house, or butting it to a clothesline over which a tarp can be thrown, can also make it more comfortable if it rains.

If wind conditions are 30km/hour or above we will need to cancel and rebook you for another day as our castles can tear or blow away.

If you don’t have electricity we can supply a petrol blower for $50. If you are using electricity you must have the party castle within 25 metres of the power point.

We will come and set it up for you and pack it down. You then supervise the castle yourself. However, we can provide you with a supervisor if required for $120 each castle.

Yes, the castle must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult over the age of 18 years, standing in front of the castle. We can provide a supervisor if required at $120.

Children aged up to 12 years for the 5x6m castle and children aged up to 8 years for the 4x4m castles.

No. No adults whatsoever are allowed in the party castle, unless you discuss this with us beforehand.

Yes, all castles come with an electric blower. We can also supply a petrol blower if you do not have an electricity source.

Yes, all the money raised when you hire from Party Castles goes towards Hutt Valley Youth Workers. When you hire your Party Castle from us you are also supporting youth workers, and helping youth in the local area into employment.